ETF welcomes the vote of the European Parliament to reject the Commission proposal.

Yesterday, Tuesday 6 November 2012, the Transport (TRAN) Committee of the European. Parliament (EP) has decided to reject the Commission proposal for a Regulation on ground handling services in the airports of the European Union that was meant to repeal the current Directive dated 1996.

This is the outcome of the good and extensive work done by trade unions all over the EU,which reached its summit on Monday 5 November with a demonstration organised by the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) which gathered more than 2,500 ground handlers in front the EP in Brussels.

This rejection by the TRAN Committee is nothing but the self-evident result of a vote on a proposal full of market-oriented provisions, without any added value for both passengers as the industry as a whole, and with little care shown towards the social needs voiced out by the workers’ representatives during these last years.

The ETF thanks the MEPs who did support the workers’ claims from the very beginning and the ETF requests that the plenary of the EP follows the decision of the TRAN Committee and rejects this proposal at its meeting in December 2012 in Strasbourg.

François Ballestero, ETF Political Secretary, commented: “The rejection of this proposal by the EP must be followed quickly by a new Commission proposal, which doesn’t further deregulate the market, protects all workers in case of call for tenders and/or partial loss of activities and ensures that companies are only allowed to provide services if they apply a representative collective agreement”.

He added: “The ETF will carefully follow the further developments in this dossier and will be ready to undertake all necessary actions to make the workers’ voice heard.

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