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Dear all,

Hereunder you can find a small summary concerning planning issues, use of Local Nights, max duties, etc… We will shortly print small cards with your delegates mail addresses and this small summary wil be printed on the back side, so you can take it with you at all times…

Medium Haul :

Max. duty hours in PLANNING : 14 hrs + 2 hrs in extended duty (NOTE : only 8% of the pairings may have 14 hrs of duty), normal max. duty is 12 hrs !

Long Haul :

Max. duty hours in PLANNING : 14 hrs + 2 hours in extended duty (NOTE : you cannot be forced to go in extended, an approval of the cabin crew member is needed)

Use of Local Night :

Local nights can still be used but the max. number of duty days, Local Night INCLUDED, may never exceed 10 days! After you had a local night in PLANNING AND/OR IN OPERATIONS, you cannot sign in before 8 AM !

JFK Flights :

After a JFK flight, you should have a weekly rest (2 days off), except in a reserve period where the Local Night can still be used after a JFK !

Rest Medium Haul :

Homebase : 2 X your Duty Period (sign in to sign off) minus 2 hours with a minimum of 13 hrs.
Outstation : Equal to the Duty Period with a minimum of 10 hrs

Number of Weekly Rests in PLANNING:

Duties up to 4 days : 0 days off
As from the 5th day : 2 days off
Duties from 6 to 7 days : 3 days off

We all know that duties have become much more intensive and are more tiring than before. We would therefore encourage you to fill out a fatigue report whenever you feel too tired after certain combinations of flights. The fatigue report is confidential, so you don’t have to be afraid to fill it out. However, the use of a “not fit to fly” is not confidential, so you will have to explain yourself to the division manager. However, we would like you to remember that it is legally forbidden to fly whenever you are unfit !!!!

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