Brussels Airlines: SD Pilots agreement with the management

The 3 unions found an agreement with the management on the following issues :

  • Unpaid leave and part time requests : all previously requested
    leaves will be granted. As from now, new requests made during the
    winter season will be granted within a period of three months.
    Requests of unpaid leave during the summer season will be granted
    within a period of 6 months.
  • No more freelance pilots will be allowed until the central group of
    pilots works at a regime of 100%.
  • The current working percentage will increase from 85% to 90% as
    from 01/04/2013. Cross-check of the the real value of the part time
    percentage in pre and post operation with associated financial
    corrections. When you perform duty above the attributed  average
    percentage working condition a retroactive payment will be done. If in
    pre ops it becomes clear that the current working percentage is not
    sufficient an automatic increase of working percentage ( increase per
    5%) will take place.
  • Rules of missions planification : a total of maximum 2 missions
    will be attributed per head per month. More missions can be flown on
    voluntary basis. This bidding tool will be created by the management.
    These missions can take following form : 1+2+1/3+2+1/3+2+3. This
    measures will be implemented as from the roster of May.
  • R2C are granted for FCM as from now
  • Company cars : a working group will be set up for implementation as
    of 2015 if company is profitable and fiscally defensible.
  • Our CEO agreed to create a working group including pilots from UD
    delegation to cross check the financial effort made by each department
    and individually within the company and to communicate the result of
    this study to all employees.

Therefore, the 3 unions has decided to cancel the strike pre notice.

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