Brussels Airlines: SD Pilots ARE YOU READY?

Dear Colleagues,

Two months ago, the 3 Unions signed the « Beyond 2012-2013 plan » after painful months of negotiations. Our first priority was to secure as many jobs as possible and to show solidarity between all pilots. The pilot’s community accepted to work part time inorder to protect the maximum of jobs. Our second priority was to safeguard the future of the company by participating to an equal and fair cost cutting plan. Therefore the pilot’s community accepted to freeze the baremic salary scale, to review some FT/DT rules andto introduce the concept of seasonality with the well known consequences for the 55+.

Today, most of the Beyond plan has been implemented and we came unfortunately to thefollowing conclusion: the implementation of the plan by the management is dishonest and the signed CLAs are not respected. Indeed:

  • Pilots have to work part-time but in the mean time the pilots are called for «goodwills»,flights are cancelled due to lack of available crew, external pilots (contractors, free lance)have been hired, wet lease aircrafts perform part of the SN production and requests for unpaid leave or part time employment contracts are denied…Obviously, the managementcalculations of the number of Full Time Equivalent pilots needed to perform the annualproduction are wrong and we are far from the initial intention of safeguarding jobs by working part time.
  • The management publishes FT/DT rules in the OM part A that are not included in the new CLAs.

  • The management drastically impacts our social life and level of fatigue by implementing on Medium Haul “mission” patterns that had never been negotiated with the pilots’ delegates. At the same time, the pilots’ delegates are not involved anymore in the selection of the hotels (HOTAC policy).

  • After 2 months of observation and inquiry about the way the other b.air employee categories are financially impacted by the plan Beyond, the pilots’ community has serious doubts about the fairness of the plan. More transparency from the management is a must.

For all those reasons, and in an attempt to avoid any social troubles within Brussels Airlines, the Unions Delegation asked for a conciliation meeting at the Ministry of Labour. The meeting was held last Monday and the Conciliation members made several recommendations abounding in the Unions Delegations requests (see report inattachment).Following this meeting, the Unions Delegations called for an extraordinary meeting withthe Brussels Airlines management. This meeting will be held next Tuesday.

The only target of the Unions Delegates is to find with the management solutions to theproblems listed above…but time is an issue and we must get quickly some positiveoutputs.Therefore the Unions invites the management to send a clear signal to the pilot’scommunity before the 11th of March. Failing to do so will lead to immediate socialactions.

Dear Colleagues, the floor is yours…! Give a chance to make the

pilot’s voice ONE VOICE!

The b.air Pilot’s Delegates

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