The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) expresses its solidarity with the announced five-day strike action, organised by the UNITE British Airways (BA) cabin crew. The ETF condemns BA’s disciplinary action against more than 50 cabin crew executing their legitimate right to strike. “Any form of penalisation of workers because they go on strike, is a direct attack against the basic social
rights unions” said the ETF Political Secretary of Civil Aviation, François
Ballestero. Therefore, the cabin crew ’strike that starts today 24 May, is more than justified and receives the full support of the ETF and its affiliates.

As UNITE, the ETF, that represents more than 250.000 civil aviation workers all over Europe, considers that only negotiations in an atmosphere of open dialogue can lead to a solid and fair solution. “But suing the interlocutor and penalising its rank and file only
undermines the necessary trust to settle an agreement for this long and intense dispute,” François Ballestero states.

BA management destabilises possible end to conflict
The ETF sincerely regrets the financial consequences of this long lasting social conflict for a transport sector that already has to cope with the severe burden of the current economic crisis and lockdowns due to volcanic ashes. “Therefore, the tenacity of the BA management to tackle by all means the workers’ right to strike and a possible end to
this conflict is even more condemnable,” says François Ballestero. The ETF reiterates its solidarity with the UNITE BA cabin crew in their fight for safeguarding jobs and working conditions and calls on its members to show their appropriate and lawful solidarity actions.

For further information, please contact the ETF Political Secretary of Civil Aviation
François Ballestero (Tel: +32 474 916979;